Finally a solution to your Hydrovac problems. Hydrovac brakeboosters were used on various cars and trucks during the 40`s to 60`s era.

We stock a wide variety of kits and various vital repairparts to service these intricate units. These parts have been next to impossible to find for the past 30 years, so grab this chance. Stock is limited.

Kits contains all gaskets and seals to repair hydraulic unit. Instructions included.

The following parts are sold separately
and NOT part of any of our kits;

* Vacuumsection leather seal
* Wick for leather seal expander
* Poppet valve
* Diaphragm, air actuating valve

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A vital and often damaged part. Fits 55 and 57 Cadillac and other makes and model using this type of checkvalve. This is a non serviceable valve, complete with the often corroded and broken spring. Also in stock for 57 - 58 Eldorado Brougham.

Bendix Hydrovac Leather seal

A superb OEM replacement for an often dried out and brittle seal for the Hydrovac vacuum piston.
Also order our wick to complete this installation.

Bendix Hydrovac vacuum piston wick.

Often deteriorated. Use in conjunction with a new leather seal.

Bendix Hydrovac Poppet valve kit.

Located in the air intake body and originally serviced as part of the body. Our poppet valve kit will service most units. Comes complete with special retaining screw, replacing original rivet. May require modification for use in some units.

Bendix Hydrovac air valve actuating diaphragm kit.

An excellent reproduction of this often ruptured and dried out diaphragm. This diaphragm is located between air intake body and main body. You must use your old discs and rods. Comes with new gasket and rivets to complete the job.

When ordering, state year, make, model and Bendix tag number if available.