When the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham was introduced to the public it was the most innovative, elaborate, expensive and exlusive American automobile ever built. The staggering price of $ 13074,00 was about 3 times the price of a regular series 62 Cadillac and twice the price of the top of the line Eldorado Biarritz convertible.

The Brougham was the realization of a life long ambition of dream car designer Harley Earl.

Cadillac Motor Car Company boasted it as being the most advanced car ever built. The $ 13074,00 pricetag remained unchanged through all production years. There were NO optional equipment offered on the Broughams; everything was standard!

The Broughams marked industry first in all sorts of technological advances and luxury; electropneumatic air suspension (unique to 57 - 58 Brougham), electronic memory seat positioning system, automatic starting system (called startex), automatic trunk opens, closes, locks and unlocks with the touch of a button in the glovecompartment as well as numerous other unique features.

The Broughams shared no body or interior parts with the other Cadillac`s (with few exceptions for the 59`s and 60`s). In fact regular Cadillac parts catalogs made no mention of the parts used for them. Special Brougham parts catalogs were available from the factory for the selected dealerships that actually sold and serviced them.

A total of 904 Eldorado Broughams were produced between 1957 and 1960 and it has been estimated that Cadillac lost in the neighborhood of $ 10 000,- on every car they sold.
400 cars were produced in 1957, 304 units was the total production in 1958.  These cars featured a unique brushed stainless steel roof and a pillarless hardtop design. They also came with a whole array of exquisite, socalled vanity items for the front and rear glove compartments. These items were a color coordinated ladies compact, a ladies vanity mirror, leather notebook with a sterling silver pencil, Arpege`de Lanvin perfume bottle and 24k gold plated perfume atomizer, 6 magnetized silver drinking cups with transparent container, a cigarette case and a tissue dispenser.
 These items are today the most sought after features of the 57 - 58 Broughams.

All Broughams are virtually hand made. While the first generation was made by Fleetwood, the 1959 and 1960 cars were shipped to Pininfarina in Turin, Italy for production of the bodies. Only 99 cars were produced in 1959 while 1960 production stopped after 101 cars were made.

The uniqueness of these cars make them some of the most collectible on the market today.

Classic Auto Parts is happy to assist you with the restoration of your Brougham. We can help you with parts, litterature, vanities as well as technical assistance.
Bear in mind that parts are available in very limited quantities and once sold may NEVER be available again.

 We will be listing a selection of special parts available . However we
suggest you contact us for special requests.

Several new parts not available anywhere else will be listed late 2005.

The Magnificent 1959 Eldorado Brougham. Body by Pininfarina of Turin, Italy. Total production in 1959 was only 99 units,

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The one and only advertisement for the Eldorado Brougham was featured in the march `58 issue of Fortune Magazine
This is the actual ad as it appeared.

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